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(Idea) Historically architecture has been used as a means to construct spaces for human occupation. At times these spaces are considered shelters. The concept of a shelter has lived through many generations where it has been modified, amended, and at times even stripped from its original meaning. I am attempting to reformulate the role of a shelter to the barest form in which architecture can exist. I will then strap this lightweight, portable shelter on my back and test it some of the worlds most extreme climates as a way to research, inhabit, and educate myself in process of making and actualizing in architecture.

unpacking a case study

The North Face VE-25 has been trusted in all extreme weather conditions. This exercise was to unpack, assemble, and study some of the key characteristics on the construction and fabrication of this iconic tent.

Photo Source: Andrew McCarthy / Date: 1.8.2012 : 1622 / Location: Ann Arbor, MI

shining light on the extreme

The sun rising over the summit of Africa’s highest peak confirms that at 19,340 feet there are no inhabitants, no habitable spaces, and as anticipated, no architecture.

Photo Source: Andrew McCarthy / Date: 8.26.2010 : 0742 / Location: Mt Kilimanjaro